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Без малого два с половиной часа кинохроники из NARA

про интервентов в Сибири

Шоб було.

The video starts with panoramic views of Vladivostok. German prisoners of war unload the transport boat Sherman while refugees congregate in the railway station; U.S. troops stand inspection; 31st Infantry officers pose; and Japanese troops guard the station. Trucks and autos are shown.

In Reel 2, U.S. troops march and stand inspection; machine guns are readied and fired; and an airplane flies overhead. Colonel Robinson and aides pose in Spasskoe; medics pose at a Khabarovsk hospital; and Japanese troops load war materiel on flatcars in Khabarovsk. Railway supplies in Ogalnia, Colonel Styer, the Amur and Ussuri Rivers, and a Japanese depot are also featured.

In Reel 3 shows dock facilities at Red River Station on the Ussuri. U.S. and allied troops and civilians are shown, as well as sentries guarding a bridge over the Amur. There is a funeral procession, followed by Styer posing with Japanese General Oi. German POW's exercise at Red River Station; and Colonels Murrow and Robinson are on a train. A U.S. guard mount is contrasted with Russian troops.

In Reel 4, Japanese troops guard a U.S. train as crew members pose. Japanese General Kayizuka visits Styer. The video shows Ataman Kalmikoff's Cossacks drill, U.S. troops putting on a rodeo, Cossacks pose, and Morrow posing in his quarters.

Reel 5 shows officers posing aboard the British cruiser Suffolk, which sailors row to Brooklyn. British General Knox poses with aides, British troops march through Vladivostok, and Graves poses with aides Eichelberger and Offutt. Hospital cars are also shown.

Reel 6 highlights ships in Vladivostok, Japanese crewmen, docks, and Russian army maneuvers. The transport boat Warren cuts a path through ice and workmen board a tug.

In Reel 7, Czechs guard and feed Bolsheviks on a train in Pogranichnaya, Manchuria. An A.R.C. train near Nekolsk, Siberia, is shown, along with trucks on railway cars, wrecked cars in Harbi Manchuria, the Buchadeu hospital, and a train near Lake Baikal. The video contrasts refugees walking along the Siberian railroad with Japanese and Chinese troops standing inspection, Russian and Chinese troops guarding the Harbin station, Japanese troops practicing bayonet drills, and Czechs unloading a train.

Reel 8 shows officers in autos and Cossacks on horseback, small ships in a river, horse drawn sleds, and a horse drawn supply train. Red Cross nurses and doctors, men leaving a tugboat, Czech General Stefannik, Generals Gaida and Syrovy (as they inspect Czech troops) are of those featured in this video. The video then shows the troops that work for them, including Serbian troops at the Ekaterinburg station, Italian troops drilling in Krasnoyarsk, and Russian troops drilling. Refugee huts, scenes of Omsk, and French artillery are interspersed as Russian officers pose.

In Reel 9, Bolshevik POWs arrive at an Ekaterinburg prison while A.R.C. agents visit refugees' huts, and Russian troops march. Refugees are shown washing clothing through holes in ice, while horse drawn sleds carry Russian Army supplies and officers pose. Wounded troops detrain, A.R.C. supplies are unloaded, and Russian soldiers guard a train. The reel shows scenes of Omsk, wrecked towers and trains along the Siberian railroad, and features Red Cross Dr. Teusler and U.S. Consul Palmer at Ekaterinburg, as well as U.S. Consul Harris. We are shown a railway bridge, a Russian cemetery, and Cossacks. The video cuts to doctors examining patients in Tieumen hospital, men playing chess and exhibiting frostbitten feet, and nurses posing.

In Reel 10, Czech Generals Stefannik, Gaida, and Syrovy review and decorate Russian troops in Ekaterinburg while troops assemble for movement to the front. The reel highlights interior and exterior views of the house where the Romanovs were executed, masses of Russian refugees, Lake Baikal from a moving train, and services at an Orthodox Church. It includes scenes of Ekaterinburg and close-ups of Czech officers.

In Reel 11, sailors are inspected and officers pose aboard the Chinese battleship Hai Yung while Canadian troops board the Empress of Asia. Officers then walk through a Canadian cemetery, contrasted by Czech cavalry demonstratring riding skills. Allied troops engage in a tug-of-war as numerous allied Generals look on, and allied MPs pose. The reel highlights panoramic views of Vladivostok, boats beached on a river bank, horse drawn vehicles, a tugboat covered with troops, disabled Canadian soldiers, and the decoration of Canadian officers. Finally, allied troops pose together.
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